ENGIPARTNERS is a US-based engineering firm with a construction practice focused on the United States market. We are specialists in solar, telecom, low voltage, fire suppression, and government projects. Over the years, we have emerged to be a formidable firm, a leader in a very competitive sector, with tremendous accomplishments and high levels of client satisfaction.
Through its productive journey over the years, ENGIPARTNERS has relentlessly grown to be committed to meeting and satisfying one of the most fundamental goals of the engineering practice: QUALITY.


       WHO WE ARE ?    

We are our team and our clients. Based on this simple philosophy, our reputation emerged as a strong engineering company with an eye for quality in every aspect of every project. Our client's vision is our vision,

and our team is firmly committed, delivering quality, timely and cost-effective solutions with the sole purpose of providing a professional service that exceeds our client's expectation with hi return on investment. Our team at ENGIPARTNERS provides an exceptional customer experience through high-quality strategies, oriented by our passion for excellence 

and a genuine desire to deliver world-class results. We have the expertise to take a project from an idea to execution through to completion while striving to make sure our clients get the results wanted. Our level of quality of work demonstrates that we have been funding our firm on the values of excellence in client service and recognizing our most important asset: our people.


As a U.S.-based engineering firm, ENGIPARTNERS provides quality & professional services to enhance the communities where our clients serve, combining technology, sustainability, innovation, and excellence.

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We continue to become a leading multi-discipline engineering firm, offering our clients the highest degree of efficiency in every project in a balanced and honest way, allowing us to be a responsive and results-driven organization.



                                                         We behave ethically, respectfully, and honestly.


                                                        We offer high-quality engineering services to meet client expectations.


                                                       We offer high-quality engineering services to meet client expectations.


                                                      We believe in better engineering solutions through new technology implementations.